Nigel & Hiede


2005 – 2006


Year 1 – in pictures



Our Wedding!


Louvre Paris


Isn't it obvious


Palace of Versailles rained


The cup and the chalice!


Le Pompidou


Welcome back to 'unmanby

...isn't that nice

Camping in the Dales, near, Hawes


Remember the flies...

Aysgarth falls


Castle Bolton herb garden…


Beach "art"

The effect of the infamous Acorn Scaffolding truck

Helping Gary move...




Colouring with Chloe at Greenbelt


While Hiede enrols at University...Chloe and I go to Hull art gallery

Pathfinders go to Light water valley

We go for a walk while Chloe goes to Bagger camp near Danby…

Great North Run – 1 hr 59 mins

Great North Run 2 hrs 35 mins


Bus back to the train station

Another year on the s600


Pathfinders walk on the beach


Bonfire night

Nigel gets a new printer :)

Collecting stones at Reighton

Chloe performs at the village market


TIT Christmas meal


Chloe is Mary

Aunt Judith’s

Chloe gets a moblog


Nigel buys some more black trousers


New year with Billy & Andi


Ice skating at Cardiff


Mr & Mrs

We go to London for Spring Harvest training day

The Tate modern


Nigel & John spend the day sign seeing

Nigel does anther training course

Nothing is more exciting than a new pair of wellies



Hiede’s sister gets a new place

Walk at Flamborough

Pathfinder New year lunch


Preparing for Pickering Youth weekend



Hard work…


The infamous Pathfinder sleepover


Nigel’s birthday – walk at Sinnington. It rained.

Another s600 training course

Hiede & Chloe go to Spring Harvest…Nigel goes to York


Spring Harvest…iScape

Yes…sun in Skegness…

Nigel goes to Tortworth court, near Bristol

Halifax…National museum of photography, film & television – we go watch Wild Safari 3D

Near to the travel Lodge…




We go for a walk around Scarborough Castle

Nigel and his elastic powered car

Preparing for Fort Rocky

Nice bin bag

The first fire of the year at Reighton

Nigel finds a fossil







Fort Rocky…doughnuts…

Christmas party


We go to Dublin…anyone got a bed?

Live music

Guinness gives you strength

Nigel keeps up the running…

Filey beach…animate

First barbeque of the year…wot no clothes?




Now that’s a hole


Nigel wangles a trip to New York…


Central park



Training course at Houston

New York modern art


Pathfinders walk @ Cayton


Whitby for food hygiene…

The End