Nigel & Hiede


2006 – 2007


Year 2 – in pictures



 We go camping at Ripley...and spend the day at Brimham Rocks

 Hiede and Chloe go spend the day with Aunt Judy on the North Yorks Moors railway 


 The most exciting day of the year…


Hiede and Chloe go to London over the bank holiday weekend


 …they call at a wedding on their way 


 …and the Natural history museum.   Fortunately, these dinosaurs don’t come alive! 


 Meanwhile, Nigel is at Greenbelt...


 The T.I.T’s go for a meal before Lauren leaves

 After the bank holiday, we spend the day in York buying a suit for the big wedding

 We call in at the used pepper pot shop

 Barbeque at Danes Dyke 

 We re-launch Pathfinders – here is our first creation!

We travel to the Lake District for the “wedding of the year”

 Chloe encourages Uncle Andrew to start dancing… 

 Sadly, we all have to set off home, but now before a spot of Geocaching

 We try find a cache at Scarborough Castle…but we had no success :(

 We then decide it’s time we should hide a cache…

 …but nothing comes of it :(

 Some folks send us a picture from the wedding…

 Nigel tries out some new protective gear

 Earlier in the year, some friends give us a kite, so we try it out

 Chloe and Hiede spend some time in Spain

 Nigel goes to Shrewsbury… 

 Nigel goes to the RAF museum at Telford

 Iron bridge

 Nigel tries a new hair do…

 And he decides it would be better to set fire to it! 

 Fire works at Filey

 Back home we get the sparklers out

 We go to Jenny & Bods for a weekend.  On Saturday we go to Chester zoo… 

 4pm service…

 We go see some pussy cats…

 The highlight of the weekend…

 We go up the tower…

 School Christmas do… 

 Jonathan decides to dress up again…pyramid rock Christmas do… 


 Christmas shopping in Hull


 Winter sets in…


 We go to brid


 Santa comes 


 We spend the day at Whitby before going off to our hotel


 We travel to Wales for New Year’s


 Chloe dresses up 


 The plan is to do a murder mystery


 We spend the two nights at a Slayley hall


 Chloe goes to try out her new skates…until we find she’s breaking the law!


 And Niagara falls… 


Nigel travels to Canada and gets to see an Oilers game


 Meanwhile, Chloe has taken to living in a box

 We decide to walk from Cayton bay to Scarborough


 We go look for the Stocking Camp Geocache


 We go for a walk at the spa


 Near Stocking Camp 


 It snows!


We all go to see Dave Godfrey at York Minster! 

 Pathfinders go bowling 


 Dave Godfrey


Nigel sets off to go to Holland

 Nigel goes to modern art gallery in Amsterdam 


 Nigel & Jonathan meet up in Munich

 Nigel & Jonathan go to the ‘fairy tail’ castle 

 We go to a Bagger day at York 




 We go to Lisa’s 30th birthday do… Hiede drives home!

 It’s Easter…it’s Skeggy!



 Barbecue on the beach – this time Hiede decides not to slash her leg open

 Random fireworks display at Skeggy


We go geocaching at Flamborough…fog…


Chloe finds the cache!

 We plan a youth weekend

 We have a power cut!

 Summer comes early

 Nigel does his ‘last’ training course in York

 We spend the bank holiday near Nottingham

 The girls at Nottingham

 Chloe has a play with clay 

 We go see Robin Hood

 We find our first Travel Bug

 We go to Make It! 

 Later that week… Nigel’s finds a owl 

 We spend the weekend at Berwick


 Donald where’s you trousers

 We go to Edinburgh castle


 Chloe does some videoing

 More Geocaching

 We go to some old bridge to find a cache

 We call in at Bamborough castle


 We go and see the Angel of the North

 Nigel video’s a sunset at Filey


 Nigel & Hiede go to Crakow

 Salt mines

 Nigel goes Geocaching in Crakow



 We go to Auschwitz


 Nigel hides his first Geocache, Centenary way 1

 We go to Leeds. Hiede & Chloe spend with day with Emma, while Nigel & Shena do some training


We go for a walk up at Ravenscar

 Father’s day…we have a nice cooked breakfast!

Group pic

 We prepare for Activate!

 It rains and rains!