Nigel & Hiede


2007 – 2008


Year 3 – in pictures



The mission at Filey


There are massive floods in Filey.  Hiede gets caught up in it all…

Nigel goes to Canada, and gets a long weekend in the rocky mountains

British Columbia, Canada

We set off the Cornwall, stopping off at the Romans Baths in Bath

We spend the day at The Eden Project

Our campsite is near Newquay, where the Rip curl festival is going on

On the way back from Cornwall, we call in at Stonehenge

We then go onto Oxford.
Chloe suggests we take the official tour

After Oxford, we spend a night near Stratford-upon-Avon.  Hiede & Chloe check out the museum

Grandma Coates dies

Small girls & boys go to little hoppers

…and they stay at our house


We like the kites

…and the graffiti

We have a barbeque at Thwing, by the pond

Nigel is invited to make a pratt of himself…


He has to do some work…

Nigel goes to Singapore to lead a training course…

…but he also checks out the sites, such as a Hindu temple

…and a Buddhist temple

We take some youths to Flamingo land

…we watch a show

We go for a walk from Speeton

…there are great views and a cache at the end of it all

We take the some friends caching in Scarborough


We go to the fireworks display at Filey

…then we come home to set fire to Chloe’s hands

Nigel goes on his first men’s weekend away, which is near Cheltenham


Nigel gets roped into taking some pictures

Nigel goes to Prague to meet his boss…

He also takes a tour and sees a few sights.  Wow it was cold!

In the meantime we’ve been working on A very modern Christmas story.  We meet to make a video.

…and there is much jolliness

Nigel stresses as he edits the video

…and then we finally we do it!

Somebody has a birthday

We travel to Whitby.   Girls & boys spend the day opening presents.


We go to Wales for a few days.
On the way, we stop at Think tank, the science museum at Birmingham


I love travelling…


Chloe shows off her plopp

We go to a the museum of Welshness


We spend new years eve at the York Minster hope08 launch

We stay at Oulton Hall

Nigel travels to Kuwait


…to do some hard work

It snows!

We go to the café

…in the snow

Big trumper & little trumper try to find a cache…but we fail…

Chloe starts Pathfinders

Mothers day

We take a bunch of girls away

Nigel travels to Cluj in Romania via Budapest, Hungary

…and we all meet up in London

We go to the Tate

…and the British museum

We see 3D under the sea…

…and small girls think it very funny

We spend the weekend in Newcastle, stopping off at a cache on the way

We go to the Baltic in Newcastle

It rains…but we get some great skys

We travel to sausage land for Spring Harvest

Bob gives Spring Harvest a high 4

Butlins food

…well there is always hope

…that one day it will taste better!

After we get back, we go to the Pat & Alan’s ‘do’ at Brid

To add to the fun, we start looking for cookers for our ikea kitchen we have planned

Nigel gets up early to walk around Filey brig

Our first fire / barbeque of the year!

The legendary Pathfinders soup lunch

We take friends to John Bull’s factory, but stop off to see some ducks first

Dinner in duck land

Nigel goes on a training course near Reading, after first calling in at Milton Keynes

We take the Pathfinders bowling in Scarborough

Our first camping trip of the year is near Ripon

Somebody admires the mans fish at Newby Hall

We spend the day a Brimham Rocks

…and call in at the Herriot museum on the way home

Three days in Rome!

…nice and warm!

When in Rome, eat Chinese…just round the corner from here

We few weeks later, we go for a walk near the Spa.

Hiede run’s the race for life



The End