Nigel & Hiede


2008 – 2009


Year 4 – in pictures



Hiede gets a bird at the Chinese


We try and kill off a few young people

Nigel goes to Cluj

…the land of graffiti

…just to make things more exciting,
there is a PCC away day

…followed by the Muston
scarecrow festival


…and a solar eclipse

We travel to Scotland to see Ann and
we spend the day at Culzean castle

The next day we go to the science museum
in Glasgow.   It was raining and some old
dear gives us a lift

Later we go caching near the train station

Later that week, we travel further north towards Fort William where we set up camp

We drive towards Loch Ness and pick
up a hitch hiker on the way…just before
we do a spot of caching…

…we find a cache…and Chloe finds Nessy

…on the shore of Loch Ness

We go to the Nessy museum and call watch the boats on the way back

Later that week, we go midge spotting

Chloe finds loads on them

We climb up Ben Nevis

We travel to Oban…the perfect
place to throw up

We call in at Dunblane…


…on the way to the Wallace monument at Stirling


Finally we end up at Loch Lomond

A few days later Nigel ends up in St Louis, USA

Nigel goes up the gateway arch

…and see’s his first ball game

Then we go to Greenbelt, and Chloe
joins the choir

…later we send Chloe to the zoo to make lots of friends

Hiede and Chloe go visit granddad who
 is not very well…

…then small boys arrive

Nigel goes to Cluj again…and calls in to see Jonathan in Bratislava

Then we all celebrate national effigy burning day

Cracking firework display


Nigel goes to Southport for the youth work conference

…and then it’s kids birthdays

We all get a cold, and decide to
go to Beverley for the day

…and take small boys to the other most
exciting place in the world

Followed by a trip to Leeds

Then it’s New Years

..and we go to Devire at Hexham

While Hiede goes to a Spring Harvest
training day, Nigel and Chloe go to
the museum at Snibson

We stay in the worst ever Travel Lodge which gives Nigel a bad neck which he still has.  On the way back we check out a cache at this place…

..we also call in at Lincoln cathedral

…and some random museum

Nigel fly’s to Cluj again

…and learns of some bad news…we gather at Milton Keynes

… we are re-united with the Wurzels single

…then it’s the funeral


A few weeks later, Nigel’s dad comes
up to fit the new kitchen

Then there is decorating :(

…but it’s spring :)

…so we go for a walk

Then there is some ‘proper’ snow

We go for a walk near Thornton le dale

Billy does Fragfest

It’s Nigel’s birthday, so we decide to
go to Elvington / York

We explore the Sledmere…and do some caching

It’s so exciting that Hiede decides to chop her finger off

Pop connection ‘does’ Spring Harvest

We discover the car needs replacing

…and so do Nigel’s glasses

We go to Danes Dyke for a barbecue

On the bank holiday we go to the Lake District

…and do some proper walking


…cos it is cool

After a walk around Aira Force we go to
Derwent water for a barbeque

…and a spot of sheep watching

We find a very special sheep

The next day we walk up Orrest head

The view is great

Hiede tries to catch some chickens

Nigel goes to Rotterdam twice in 2 weeks…the second time he takes the ferry

The family gathers in Yorkshire for
the internment

We have an exciting day in ‘ull

We go caching near Burton Agnes


A week later we go for a nice walk
up the centenary way

Then there is a barbeque at Thwing

Nigel goes to USA


The End