Thursday, September 01, 2005

28 Ways to build community in your group

  1. Celebrate Birthdays
  2. Take pictures and make sure you give them a copy. If your using a digital camera why not make a photo CD. Send picture texts.
  3. Phone them
  4. Visit them at home
  5. Send Text messages
  6. Create 'shared experiences' - see Memory makers: 50 moments your kids will never forget by Duffy Robbins
  7. It's kind of obvious, but needs saying - try to speak to each young person at least once everything you have a meeting. Try to remember what you talked about last time and follow it up...I used to find I was having the same conversation every week with the same people!
  8. Welcome them individualy when they arrive. If you know they are coming for the first time try go see them at home before hand.
  9. Send them Email
  10. Chat on MSN
  11. At the end of the year, try recap on what the group has done - create a display, discus what happened etc.
  12. Make a group video
  13. Make sure they have your contact details, phone number, email, SMS, website etc. Why not get a 'business card' made? I've heard of people making a little card with their details on as well as some useful numbers such as Child line.
  14. Buy birthday / Christmas gifts / books etc.
  15. Run an open house. Invite people round for meals.
  16. Day trips
  17. organize a residential
  18. Run a website
  19. Invite them to youth friendly Church services
  20. Get involved in other aspects of their lives / settings...School, sport etc.
  21. Give them responsibilities
  22. Play team building games
  23. Make time for group discussions / discussions
  24. Run Fund raisers...Sponsored fast etc.
  25. Do a quiz about the group and the people in it
  26. Create mosaic pictures. You can do this with software like Image puzzler
  27. Develop shared values...what are the rules in your group...official and un-official? Think them up togethier.
  28. Run surveys, get feedback, ask them for ideas, involve them in planning / decision making

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