Sunday, October 23, 2005

Coach Carter...

I watched Coach Carter the other enjoyable 'feel good' movie about a school basket ball team. Basically, the school is looking for a new basket ball coach. Ken Carter comes along and sort out the team, gets them working together and they start winning know the story...

Here are some possible ideas for discussion:

Determination / working as a team
32 - 40 mins. In this scene, one of the team who quit because he couldn't hack it returns to see if he can play. Carter says he can if he can complete 10000 suicides and 25000 press ups before the end of the impossible task. However, he goes for it... On the Friday is has all but completed the work, but he is exhausted. He is told that he has failed...the rest of the team spontaneously offer to do the remainder for him.

Making tough decisions...
About two thirds through the film, Carter discovers that some of the team are failing academically...he decides to shut the gym and tells them that there will be no play until they get their grade average up...he gets loads of agro from parents / head teacher / community, but he sticks to his guns.

Teenage pregnancy
There are some references to teenage pregnancy in the film, but not really suitable for discussion....not 'exciting' enough, however, for reference the scenes of interest are at

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