Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Guy thing

Watched A Guy Thing last night. It's basically a story about a guy who gets wasted on his stag night and wakes up with some other girl in his bed. He can't remember what happened / how it happened. It could be used for talking about drinking too much, promiscuity, lies and STD's (he catches crabs - he thinks it's from the girl but you later find out it's not). Anyway, you could start by playing scene 1 and 2 (first 12 minutes of the film). These two scene's include the stag party and the panic in the morning. If you want to go on to talk about STD, include scene 3 (which takes you up to 21 mins). In these scene there's lots of scratching and he has to go to the pharmacy. Through out the film and these scenes he tells lots of lies to cover up what's happened.

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