Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Interpreter

Watched The Interpreter last week. It stars Nicole Kidman, who plays Silvia Broome and Sean Penn who plays Tobin Keller. Anyway, the story revolves around an attempt to assassinate some dictator at the UN in New York. Silvia knows something about it...we discover that her brother was murdered. Anyway, she tells this story about her home country what would happen is that the person convicted of the murder would be tied up and thrown in the river to drown. The family of the victim would have to choose whether to save them from drowning or not. She says something like: the family has to choose on whether to save them and move on, or get revenge and live with that grief all their lives. Very interesting in a Christian context. The clip I'd use is around 41 mins (he prints out a picture of a crown he's been emailed) to 46 mins (she leaves the room saying "that was a long time ago").

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