Friday, January 27, 2006

Just Like Heaven

In in Houston Texas this week. I watched Just Like Heaven on flight over. It's a romantic comedy with the usual twists and turns. The film itself is fairly straight forward...workaholic doctor (has no social life etc) is working hard, doing a good job is involved in a serious car then goes on to explore issues such as: the after life, euthanasia, the 'spirit world', fate, what's life really about etc.
The first 17 minutes could be used as an introduction to the afterlife (although it not really that - you need to watch the film). It could also be used to challenge people on how they use there time...the clock is ticking...are you using your time wisely? You could be killed in a car accident....
If you extend the clip to cover the first 23ish minutes it kind of gets more into the afterlife experience...Ghosts etc. You could stop it just after she runs out of the window saying 'I'm not leaving'. The euthanasia bit is near the end of the film.

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