Monday, February 06, 2006

Polar Express

Polar Express is about a boy who is struggling to believe in Santa. The film starts on Christmas eve. While the boy is in bed pretending to be asleep..a steam train turns up outside the house of the and boy gets on the's going to the north meet Santa etc.etc.
Anyway, I thought scenes 17 - 19 were vaguely interesting. Basically it's 5 to 12 and Santa is about to make an appearance...the reindeer turn up...everyone can hear the sleigh bells except him...then Santa appears...everyone can see him except him...anyway the boy closes his eyes and says to himself 'I believe', trying to rid himself of his scepticism...anyway it works...he can hear the bells, and see Santa.

This could be used to introduce the whole idea of faith...belief...disbelief...etc.

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