Saturday, February 18, 2006

Topic summary for this term

I've put togeither a summary of the topics we're going to cover in Think it Thru, FOCUS, Pathfinders and on the resedential weekend we're doing for Pickering:
Think it Thru FOCUS Pathfinders Pickering weekend
Relationships, love and all the jazz      
Life after School      
The 7 deadly sins      
101 things to do before you die 101 things to do before you die    
Self control      
  Popularity - see entry on Dodge Ball and blog entry from Sept 16th    
  Love and sex - see Virtual Sexuality or 40 days, 40 nights    
  The internet / mobile phones    
    Prayer collage  
    Rules & boundaries  
    Easter - drama session a bit like the one we did at Christmas  
      Team / Community
      Encouragement / building up


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