Wednesday, April 12, 2006

War of the worlds - ideas

War of the Worlds is about in invasion of planet earth by aliens.
You could use the first 30 mins or so (I didn't make note of the time) to talk about fear and parenting.   The film starts when Robbie and Rachel are dropped off at their fathers (Ray) house.  It's clear that Ray is not into the parenting thing - he kids appear to be a burden to him.  This is not helped by Robbie's attitude towards his father.  You could ask questions about what it means to be a parent, a father, responsibilities, attitudes towards your parents and vice versa.
A short time later the film a series of storms break out. In reality the aliens are causing the storms.  There's a great bit where the first of the alien's "tripods" appears from underground.  Use this to talk about fear or the unexpected etc.
Later in the film, the family is on the run, trying to flee from the aliens.  There a scene that you could use for "choices".  Robbie runs off to try fight the aliens, Ray runs after him leaving Rachel by herself.  While he's chasing after Robbie, someone tries to take Rachel away.  Ray is forced to choose to loose Robbie or Rachel...



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