Saturday, June 16, 2007

Developing leaders vs developing followers

Here are some more notes from the seminar by James Lawrence.

We were exploring the issue - is it better to develop leaders or followers? In reality most of us try to develop what he termed to "followers", which in the long run is less effective than developing leaders.

Here's a comparison between developing leaders vs developing followers:

Leaders that develop followersLeaders that develop leaders
Need to be neededWant to be succeeded (do themselves out of a job)
Focus on weaknessFocus on strengths
Develop the bottom 20%Develop the top 20%
Treat the people the same for "fairness" sakeTreat people as individuals for impact
Hoard powerGive power away
Spend time with others (more socially)Invest time in others (more focused)
Grow by addition Grow by multiplication
Only impact the people they touchImpact people beyond their reach

I can recognise some of this in myself - I think where I struggle is "treat people the same". I guess this is because we are so paranoid about favoritism.

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That's a great list! I'll be using that with my student leadership team. Thanks for sharing it.
Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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