Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last King of Scotland - video clip idea

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the Last King of Scotland. This film is about the life of Idi Amin, the good bits and the bad bits. While watching it, it occurred to me that you could use the start of this film with the 'life after school' session we did. You could also use it to discus choices, and making decisions.

The clip in question is just after the start of the film (50 seconds - 4 mins). Nicholas, the main character, is having a celebration meal with his parents - has just qualified as a Doctor. The trouble is, he is faced with the prospect of joining his fathers practice...something he does not want to do. He wants adventure. In the next scene, Nicholas is in room. He picks up a globe, spins it and closes his eyes. He says "the first place you land, you go" and stops it with his finger....on the second attempt, his finger lands of Uganda...so there what he does...



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