Sunday, June 10, 2007

Team leaders role

I've been going through some of my old notes from various training sessions I've been on. These notes are from a seminar by James Lawrence & Rob White on team work:

There are two fundamental principles on developing people.

1) Everyone can develop other people, you can do this through:
2) For the sake of the many, invest in a few

The team leaders role is to:
  1. build and maintain the team
  2. achieve the task
  3. develop individuals
People tend to prefer one of these three roles, ie, we focus on "team", or the "task", or "individuals".
The leaders must make sure all three of these things happen.

To make these happen, we need to be aware of the "needs" of the "team", "task" and "individual":

The needs of the "individual"
The needs of the "task"
The needs of the "team"

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