Saturday, September 22, 2007

I prodounce you Chuck and Larry - film clip ideas

I'm in Singapore and I've just got back from a late night viewing of Adam Sandlers latest offering....I prodounce you Chuck and Larry. While the film was much like any other Sandler film (which I like!) it does have plenty of material for exploring issues such as acceptance / rejection / homosexuality / friendship. The film is about 2 best friends who are fire fighters (Charles and Lawrence) who decide to go for a marriage of convenience so that Lawrence can pass on his pension if he dies. They initially think it will be something that they can keep quiet, but it turns out quite differently. This them results in a series of events where they have to keep up this charade. As that plot is rolled out, they are exposed to prejudice as their once colleagues turn against them - there is a good scene where the Charles and Lawrence are pulled into the office my their boss because the rest of the team have raised a petition to get them moved on. After this meeting, Lawrence confronts the rest of the crew and reminds them of the times where they saved them....injustice...prejudice. There is also a time where the team walk away from Charles when he turns up to play basket ball, this scene turns into something good when one of the guys finds acceptance through what Charles and Lawrence are experiencing.

There are also some examples of clich├ęd evangelical right types who wielding banners tell them that they are going to burn for what they are....a good discussion in it's own right especially when read in the context of "love your neighbour", "Do not judge, and you will not be judged" ect etc. the end of the film the rest of the fire department change their view and stand with them in the court, in the full knowledge that they may end up in example of what it means to be a fact you could say this film is an example of what it means to be a stand by your word...even when it costs you something

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