Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here are some notes from another Spring Harvest session on Wholeness. I think the speaker was Kriss Kandiah. The idea is that there are 3 types of people, and they are driven by different things and if we are to attain "wholeness" as a church we need to embrace all three. Here is a brief summary of the 3 types:

1) The Heart is what matters
They people are prone to emotionalism, Orthopathy and are Vulnerable to manipulation.

2) The head is what matters
These people are prone to intellectualism, orthodoxy and are in danger of "cold formalism"

3) Doing is what matters
These people are activists...orthopraxy and are prone to burn out.

From my notes, I understand that Orthopathy means that having your heart in the right place is what matters, where as orthodoxy is about having the correct theology / beliefs. Orthopraxy is about doing the right thing.

As I write up these notes I wonder how this connects with my previous post on Change. Perhaps this connects with the idea that everyone has fundamental needs....

How does this effect our youthwork...perhaps we need to ask, what are we doing for those driven by the heart / head or the activist...personally am more prone to the head. I guess this is at the expense of the other two...perhaps we need to step back and ask ourselves, what does our group look like? Is it dominted by "the heart"? Are we forever "doing" but not thinking (the head)? I guess we need a balance....



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