Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Echo Park

I watched Echo Park last night. Not the greatest of movies, but one that demonstrates the judgementalism that so often alive in our churches. The film is basically about a 14 year old girl who gets pregnant while still being technically a virgin. She conceives as a result of "fooling around". For this reason, you might want to use this film to highlight that you don't have to have sex proper to get pregnant. There's are a few scenes that you could use to demonstrate this point. All of this results in her father disowning her. He is the local priest and it brings shame on the family etc. She is taken in by an Uncle who, unlike her father, accepts her for who she is. The Uncle has also taken in another disgraced member of the family who is gay....makes you wonder who was the most "Christ like"...the priest or the uncle?

Perhaps this could be used with my teenage pregnancy talk.

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