Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Newspaper prayer idea

Another idea from the Baltic at Gateshead....one of the exhibits was by an artist called Barthelemy Toguo. As part of this, he had covered all of the walls in the rooms with complete sheets from news papers (of the "broadsheet variety). These were not clippings, simply the pages of the news paper stuck on the wall. In addition to this he had marked out all of the text with a black marker pen, which gave the effect to the paper being censored. This meant that only the pictures remained. From my point of view, thing highlighted the pictures in a way that you would not normally notice and it caused you think about the subject matter behind the photo....I suspect this could be used as a way to stimulate prayer in a way that creating a collage of pictures does not. According to the blurb (if I remember this correctly), the artist was trying make the point that sometimes too many words get in the way....check out this page on his website.



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